All of what I write here will be bullshit. Still, I’m going to write it. It seems the Divine Shakti has inspired it. This is no claim to be special, since anything anyone does is through the inspiration of the Divine Shakti. In fact, I’m told by my teacher that anything anyone does is an illusion and that everything is the action of Shakti, that there are no persons in reality.

The words of the scriptures, gurus and teachers tell me I’m not doing anything, and in fact that there is no me. The me often finds herself in a confused state, since she knows there is no me and yet doesn’t she know what else to do, if that is comprehensible at all. The problem  is the “doing.” There is no doer and nothing is done. Oh crap.

Reasoning will not get anywhere, as the above paragraph shows. I understand there is no point in trying to figure it out. Only fear holds me back. I ignore it as I am able and strike out for the other shore. Gone, gone, gone beyond.

I have always been here and now. Nisargadatta Maharaj says to investigate the I am.

The me recently went through a period of intense spiritual practice, japa, contemplation, and for now that is over. I bow to all the gurus, teachers and realized beings who are the Self as I am the Self. Namaste.